How to Increase Signups to Your Website or Newsletter

Are you looking for ways to increase subscribers to your website or newsletter?

There are many ways to increase this activity, and most don’t require your readers to have a lot of technical know-how.

There are a couple of things you really need to think about before designing any type of subscriber capture page: Do you give good reasons for people to sign up, and have you made the process easy?

These questions should be on your mind as you work on any subscription drive.

These tips will help you create the most effective information capture pages:

1. Call to Action Should Stand Out

If your web page is cluttered with lots of images, words, and hyperlinks, it may be harder for guests to find your call to action button. That is, unless you make this hyperlink stand out in the crowd.

Choose a different color, style, and font to use on call to action buttons. Use colors that are not already on your page, this draws the eyes directly to this unique area of your page.

Don’t neglect placement: placing the link in a prominent spot on your page with give you the best results.

Always check your finished page before publishing it. You want your call to action button to compliment your web page, not clash with it.

2. Use Sidebars

Your call to action button may be prominent on your home page, but on other pages it won’t be shown. By including a sidebar you can add all links you wish to include to get your visitors’ information. This way, your email list building is easy no matter where visitors go on your website.

3. Pop-up Forms

The easiest way to get subscribers is to give them a simple modal window. Modal windows are great because when they are activated they shade the content on the main page below the subscription form.

This means more attention is going to be on form than on the page below. Modal windows may give you a subscription rate of more than 50%.

4. Short Forms

Most people do not want to spend more than a few seconds signing up for anything. Give them a complicated form and they won’t even bother.

Keep it simple, use the modal window and limit your questions to just the basics, name, email, possibly a password for an account. Any further information, such as bank card information, should be asked with as few questions as possible.

You want people to go on your mailing list, not click off your page. Asking for too much information leads many to do just that.

5. Engage Smartphone Users

Use QR (Quick Response) Codes to draw in the smartphone crowd. QR Codes are like bar-codes, and can easily be scanned. Include your website address in the symbol and your guests will go right to your website once they scan the code.

6. Have Contests

People love entering contests and sweepstakes. Offering special incentives like this gives people more reasons to sign up.

These tips have been tried many times already, because they really do work. If getting more subscribers is your current goal, you can’t go wrong when you keep things as simple as possible.

Cater to your audience, and make them see your ‘front and center’ information capture form. By following these simple tips you will soon see a tremendous increase in the amount of new subscribers to your blog or website.