Using Social Media to Grow Your List

Everywhere you turn, someone is advising you to make the most of your plans to increase your business activity via social media. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as most proponents would have you believe.

Do you have a bunch of Facebook fans? Is your LinkedIn account loaded with followers? If you were fortunate enough to get into Twitter at the beginning, you rode the crest of a tidal wave of followers.

Let’s look at another issue…

How many of these followers you managed to get are now registered in your mailing list?

If you’ve accumulated thousands upon thousand of followers in your social networks, what good are they doing you? Chances are that very few really engage with you.

The worst thing is that when you make a post to connect with your followers, a new post to the social site will push your post down in what seems just minutes after you posted.

People Who Subscribed to Your List

By contrast, people who subscribe to your list from social media are always available for easy contact via a personalized email, so you should do your best to use social media as a vehicle to get subscribers to your list.

Even though you work hard to stay engaged on social media, your competitors are trying just as hard.

The post you worked so hard to make just right, and linked it to every social network you could will be shoved down to the bottom of the page by other users and their posts.

Social Networks Can Build Your List

Sending an email to your list is a personalized contact, away from the millions of people on Facebook or Twitter. You had the opportunity to offer a valuable piece of content, whether eBook or video which people on your list can download.

All they had to do was to provide their email which went right to your list. You also obtained permission to follow-up with other emails.

Emails are Intimate

When you send an email to someone on your list, you should write it as if you were speaking directly with one person.

You will have greeted them by first name, and they will forget that thousands of others on your list got the same message.

It’s not like going on social media where they are searching for what countless other members may be discussing.

Your Target Audience is Relaxed

These people followed you by choice, and they have gotten to know you, trust you and feel relaxed around you.

Even though they may be exposed to an avalanche of posts, they are more likely to notice and act on an offer of a free download you may be displaying.

List Building Goldmine

Social networking can be a goldmine for the list builder if used properly. You should offer your landing page link discretely so it’s easily available, but without being annoying.

Social media is for interaction, and enjoyment of social contacts. So the business aspect must be kept subtle.

Be Active

Be active on social media, be seen often so people start to recognize you, and you will be able to invite people to join your list in a natural way.

And your list will grow!