Home Improvement Marketing Tactics to Grow Faster

These are the top home improvement marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies that are being used today by remodeling contractors and other businesses offering services.

Start With the End in Your Mind

Think about the whole of your home improvement business model. What products and services are you looking to sell? And what kind of people will buy them? Once you have answered these questions, you can create a targeted marketing strategy that will consistently get your home improvement company message in front of the right people.

Calculate Your New Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

This is the average marketing and onboarding expense for each new customer. Your CAC represents the average marketing budget required to bring in a new customer in home improvement. It is a cost accounting that shows how much you have spent on marketing to promote your brand and generate quality leads.

This marketing budget may include, but not be limited to:

  • Advertising costs and advertising charges per click
  • Web content
  • Direct mail
  • Training and recruitment for salespeople
  • Incentives and commissions paid
  • Costs for qualified leads
  • Digital marketing consultancy and digital agency fees
  • Time spent responding to customers and monitoring online reviews
  • Online marketing and search engine optimization

You want to reduce this number and keep the cost of marketing low. However, don’t be afraid of spending as much as necessary to rank high in search engines.

Calculate Your Customer’s Lifetime Value

This is the net future value of all the income that you can expect from a new customer.

Many people aren’t content with just doing one home improvement project. Some will take on multiple projects over the course of a few years. They might move to a new area and require work on their home. They may also have children who move out and need a bedroom converted into an office.

In either case, your customers will return to you for additional work.

To keep your brand and name front and center for your customers, create a digital marketing strategy.

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