3 Tips for Creating Relevant Content for a Webinar

Like any form of communication, there are several factors that play into a successful webinar. Providing relevant content is one of the key factors. In order to be relevant, your content has to have a relation to the person receiving the information. This brings us to our first tip:

Customize your content for your audience.

Unless you know something about your webinar audience, you will be guessing at what they want to know. Since no one is a mind reader do not expect that your content will cater to everyone. How are you supposed to find out what someone needs or is interested in? There is a simple and easy solution to solve this dilemma. You ask them. A little bit of detective work is in order. This means that before you present your webinar, you should 1) identify your target audience; 2) listen to them about what they need; and 3) customize your topic and content to fit that need. It would utterly counterproductive to create resources when there is no demand for it.

Offer Content that Is New

Novelty can be defined in many different ways. The point is that whether you address a topic about which people are learning for the first time or address a familiar topic in a way that no one has considered before. In most cases people want to feel they have been exposed to something new and exciting. To merely regurgitate what someone else has already said in the way they have said it is not appealing. It is also unoriginal and your status as a leader in your field might diminish.

Offer Content that Is Useful

Sure, we all learn sometimes just because we are curious creatures. This is typically not the main reason people attend webinars. They do so, because they want to take the information, apply it to some aspect of their work or life, and see an immediate benefit. Make sure that the information you share can be used, you deliver it in a way that it can be understood and that your audience finishes with the tools they need to apply what they learned to their lives.

Again, there are numerous factors that make a webinar successful. Hopefully following these three tips will give you a good jump on the process of creating relevant content. With a little work and research your webinar will provide the right answers for your spectators.